"I Am Tour" Recap

"I Am Tour" - Sacramento, CA 6.16.17 - @Ascensive_

SHO NUFF! - The call heard round the west coast...

For two weeks, we embarked on our 2nd summer tour and explored much of California, Nevada, and Arizona. We met so many interesting people, new and old friends, and had a blast connecting with our unique blend of music. We played some of our favorites and definitely worked out some brand new music, a few songs at least a year ahead of release.

We stayed at hotels and homes in all kinds of environments and found ourselves learning more about each other and our art as we moved along. Some of the hardest laughs and greatest challenges presented themselves daily and we became even closer as a family because of our shared experiences.

We went back to Rasar's home of Sacramento to play in front of thousands of people at Concerts in the Park, where we brought up CIP veteran and long-time friend, James Cavern. We even got a chance to check out Drunken Kung Fu & Mahtie Bush's shows the same night! Our first show was in one of our favorite places, Art Boutiki, in San Jose with Sweet Hayah and Noah Kibreab. We made our San Francisco debut at the famous Boom Boom Room, opening for local funkster Wil Blades.

The Lique & Jambox in Berkeley, CA

We took a few days off to soak up the Bay Area and recorded a couple songs with Jim "Jambox" Greer, the primary producer for our dear friend, Butterscotch. We played our 2nd SoFar Sounds show in the quaint LA-suburb of El Segundo to a very eclectic crowd. On the way, we found out hip-hop legend Prodigy of Mobb Deep died in Las Vegas. After LA, we drove north to Reno's The Saint w/The Redfield Clipper & Bazooka Zac. 

Our craziest stories went down in good ol' Truckee at Moody's Bistro, Bar & Beats. These two shows changed so much about our outlook on what's possible within the versatility and adaptability of this band. Funk mesiter Sam Ravenna loaned a keyboard amp to Jason, for which we are very grateful. Sam's new solo album is great!

We met some of the greatest and most obnoxious characters of our entire 2.5 years together in this little restaurant on the mountain. It all started with the two married ladies dancing behind our drummer, Jeremy, as well as the hypeman hunched over his shoulder. The star of that weekend was - without a doubt - the comical villain we named 0MELIAHN. Nick set his bass down to be one of the several people to escort the possessed patron out.

One fan wasn't as nice as Nick and threw 0MELIAHN into a table before he voluntarily mopped the floor with his own body. He went from our biggest fan, to inconsiderate dancer hogging floor space, to the anathema of the crowd (he got booed), to the drunk arsehole that knocked over our gear mid-song, to the belligerent fool stealing the mic and threatening to kill our frontman, Rasar.

It was the most hilarious fight-or-flight fiasco this band has ever shared together. We laughed into the wee hours and haven't stopped talking about it ever since.

The next day we came back stronger and celebrated the birthday of our guitarist and founding member, Sean! Also, a bujillion people came out of nowhere when we pulled out "Rapper's Delight" for our insane encore with tons of crowd participation. We'll be back for many more Moody's antics this August 17, 18, 19.

After taking a few days off to come to our hot home of Las Vegas and record another new song, we got back on the road to reunite with our soulful friends, Abstrack the Band in San Diego. This was our first house concert and it was so much fun! It actually ended up being their EP release party as well. After laughing about cat attacks and discussing jazz history in the backyard covered in "Tearth", we slid through Phoenix, AZ (Only 120 degrees).

The drive was beautiful, but we admittedly didn't get all the Phoenix love we've become accustomed to and hoped for at Crescent Ballroom. Eventually, we found our own groove and chilled it out for the people that stayed to appreciate our somewhat rushed show.

Some of us were very ill and that definitely affected our energy, but we pulled through and made the most out of our situation. Overall, we're much better at touring and can't wait to make the next trip!

Our "I AM TOUR" finale will be our next show in Las Vegas on Sat, July 15 @ The Bunkhouse w/Butterscotch, The Noir Movement, and Nina Rohse. This will be our first headlining home show in over 3 months!

We've got new music and a whole lotta love to share with our Liquester family in the desert.

Get tickets here! https://tinyurl.com/m2xfdoj

We're grateful to share these moments with you all and greatly appreciate the very deep support that so many people continue to show us!

Our next single, "I AM", will be available on all digital outlets very soon and we can't wait for you to hear how we turned that mantra into a time capsule for the world.