Billie's Holiday

Verse 1
Solitude Too Marvelous For Words
took a train up the coast to observe
24 Hours A Day the world spins
soon as ours ends somewhere else it begins
Travlin' Light but my heart feels heavy
maybe taking a trip will get my soul ready
for the Summertime when I got a lot on my mind
close to the ocean it's calm and divine
something about motion balances my psychology
sedentary living is Sentimental And Melancholy
lady on the plane told me Don't Explain
I recognize your energy don't need to know your name
Strange Fruit hangs high reals souls can't die
Yeserday's crumbs make American pie
Love Me Or Leave Me I'm Here To Stay
I throw my jazz on groove 'til I fade away

Verse 2
I Didn't Know What Time It Was That Old Devil Called Love
slowed me down again and didn't budge
That's Life I Guess hold on and God Bless
The Child who's got his own every day there's a test
back on the road I left what ain't right
I wonder Why Was I Born? Oh What A Little Moonlight
can do to you aye yo my Lady Sings The Blues
cause she's still too far away to break through
Them There Eyes is all I wanna see
trapped in our identities so let's get free
together baby won't you Please Keep Me In Your Dreams
strong individually but better as a team
Don't Worry About Me cause I'll Be Seeing You
I've Got Love To Keep Me Warm
when I'm chilling In My Solitude
This here's for Lady Day
I throw my jazz on and groove 'til I fade away